Metro gas stations selling dangerous male enhancement pills despite warnings

gasoline station in blur mode
Major blow dealt to those selling Rhino pills
December 5, 2018
gasoline station in blur mode

"We’ve had victims contact our office that have suffered penile injuries, penile replacement surgeries.”— Attorney Robert Tauler

A federal lawsuit accuses a dozen Georgia convenience store operators of peddling dangerous sex pills

The FDA said it has received reports of users of some of these pills experiencing chest pain, severe headaches and prolonged erections that resulted in hospitalization and surgery because of plunging blood pressure.

The pills in question are marketed as herbal supplements to boost male sex performance, but lab tests showed they contain varying amounts of active ingredients found in prescription medications Viagra and Cialis.

Men who take them without talking to a doctor are at risk for serious complications

The Food and Drug Administration issued warnings for nearly 200 varieties of pills because they were laced with pharmaceuticals.

“We’ve had victims contact our office that have suffered penile injuries, penile replacement surgeries,” Tauler said.

The FDA issued warnings for a variety of pill brands, including Black Stallion, Libigrow and Rhino. The FDA has warned consumers about 25 variations of pills using the Rhino brand with hidden drugs for more than a decade.

When Channel 2 producers went undercover in metro area gas stations, the pills were easy to spot. read the full article here.

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